WWE Reportedly Banned Asuka's Signature Move for WrestleMania Match

Even though we're still in the wake of WrestleMania 34, it's pretty clear that this show belonged to Ronda Rousey. And WWE made arrangements to guarantee that happened.

According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE banned Asuka from using her signature armbar submission during her match with Charlotte Flair. Keen eyes noticed that Asuka had been using the move more since Ronda Rousey's arrival to WWE—this lead to speculation that we'd get an Armbar vs. Armbar match at WrestleMania 35

However, per the Observer, WWE wanted Rousey's armbar to be the only one at WrestleMania 34. Rousey's patented move was a pivotal part of her match as she strapped it on both Triple H and Stephanie, McMahon.

Asuka didn't just lose her armbar in New Orleans but her lauded undefeated streak. Her loss looks to have bumped her off of WWE's highest echelons in favor of both Rousey and Charlotte—who now seem destined to main event a future WrestleMania.

Originally it was believed that WWE was cultivating Asuka and her streak for Rousey to harvest later this year. But now that Charlotte was the one to slay the dragon, it's her who now is the undisputed queen of WWE.

Until Rousey is ready of course.

That moment may manifest quicker than any of us anticipated as Rousey was the undisputed star of WrestleMania 34. At minimum, we knew that she was a blockbuster name that would at least provide a memorable cameo. But now, her ceiling has been raised if not removed.


However, as great a she was at WrestleMania 34, WWE will likely take a methodical approach to facilitate her into more matches. For now, we can bet on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H continuing to torment Rousey until she is ready to stand on her own as a singles competitor.

Until then, Consider Charlotte Flair's WWE and if this were fantasy football, you could totally drop Asuka.