Roman Reigns Can't Stop Laughing at Dean Ambrose's New Habit

Without question, Dean Ambrose is The Shield's most colorful personality. With Roman Reigns being the reserved company man, and Seth Rollins still finding his way as a babyface, it's Ambrose who has the license to be weird. And as of late, Ambrose has been so quirky that he's even cracking up his Shield brothers.

Roman Reigns joined Corey Graves on the latter's new show, Straight to the Source, and discussed the finer points of the recent Shield reunion. To The Big Dog, romping around WWE with Rollins and Ambrose has been a blast, especially as of late. However, he thinks Dean Ambrose may be liking it a little too much as he's been exhibiting some strange behavior. Dean Ambrose has been flexing in the ring. A lot.

Reigns cited Survivor Series specifically, but noted that it was not an isolated incident: Ambrose has become a flex-a-holic. And why not? No one in WWE flexes anymore. Sure people strike signature poses, but few Superstars show off their muscles like the used to. Maybe Ambrose is just channeling his inner Jesse "The Body" Ventura," or summoning the spirits of the Ultimate Warrior, we honestly don't know but we love it too.

Ambrose has a great flexing opportunity tonight on RAW as he and Rollins are set to take on Cesaro and Sheamus fort he RAW Tag Team Championships. If Dean and Seth are victorious, let's hope the Lunatic Fringe gives us a spirited muscle show!