Jason Jordan Answers Roman Reigns Open Challenge

In the same night Roman Regins become Intercontinental Champion for the first time, he let the WWE Universe that he will be instituting an open challenge. While multiple Superstars have responded via Twitter, it looks like WWE has made their choice for Roman's first title defense.

Jason Jordan has officially answered The Big Dog's challenge. Instead of simply tweeting his acceptance, Jordan composed a video to let Reigns and the WWE Universe know that he is ready to fight.

This marks the continuation of WWE making sure Jordan gets premium spots on WWE card. While some fans are already growing tired of his chipper disposition, that may be the point. Jordan is in the middle of a methodical heel turn. As Kurt Angle's son, Jordan is already hitting the "Coach's Son" vein and executing one of the more natural villain elements in our society: nepotism.

Even more, Jordan attempted conveniently use his ankle injury to avoid being dismantled by Braun Strowman. while the match happened anyway, the backstage finagling by Jordan is a character trait that WWE will continue to expand upon.

For now, expect Jordan to keep smiling his way onto enviable spots on WWE's card. While he likely won't be beating Reigns on RAW, the fact that he is the first to answer the bell should be enough to keep him stepping towards a more declarative heel turn.