Rob Van Dam's Concussion History Will Bar Him from WWE Forever

The last time we saw Rob Van Dam in WWE was in August in 2014. Sadly, that will be RVD's final appearance in Vince McMahon's company.

Van Dam told The Blast that a concussion he suffered in 2016 left him visually impaired thus, disqualified from ever returning to compete in WWE. The head trauma came during a match for Pacific Coast Wrestling against Lucha Underground's Pentagon Jr. and Van Dam hasn't been right since. He further added that his merchandise contract with WWE expired in July of 2017 and will not be renewed.

Head trauma and professional wrestling, unfortunately, seem to go hand in hand. Currently, WWE is embroiled in a lawsuit with its ex-wrestlers who are pursuing damages for undiagnosed or untreated concussions. In response, WWE developed a stringent protocol in the name of protecting current and future employees from further head injuries. This is one of the big reasons why Daniel Bryan will likely never wrestle again in WWE. After enduring what sounds to be a significant injury, Rob Van Dam has shifted from a nostalgic opportunity to a legal liability for WWE.

RVD appears to be well informed of this cold truth and the ramifications it carries. Being locked out of WWE keeps 6-time Intercontinental Champion from collecting some of the more lucrative checks his industry offers. Hopefully, he can get an extension on his merchandise deal in the near future.

Best of luck, RVD!