Ric Flair's Medical History Suggests He'll Strut Away From Current Health Scare

Were we silly to ever think that Ric Flair wouldn't evade death one more time?

Less than two weeks ago, Flair sat down for an interview with the Daily Mail where he discussed his vitality and keen ability to avoid the Grim Reaper.

"I don't have any health issues. Everybody else has hips and knees. I had to go to Pittsburgh for a physical because they wanted me to do some in-ring stuff. I go there to see the heart specialist. They tested me for four hours," Flair said.

According to Flair, his body's resilience tends to shock doctors.

"The doctors said 'there's something wrong with you, has to be,' and I said 'yeah, it's called an hour Broadway every night brother.' The guy looked at me and said that I was a medical miracle," Flair continued.

Flair's current medical issues have frozen the wrestling community. The 16-time champion had surgery on Monday to remove the blockage in his colon that was reportedly causing significant health issues, including kidney failure.

Flair's condition is still believed to be critical but many of the details are still unknown. We can only assume that getting past the surgery was a huge hurdle for Flair. However, The Nature Boy counter-punching death is nothing new — in 1975, Flair walked away from a plane crash that killed one and left another paralyzed.

"It's amazing. I have got a genetic gift, I think. In the length of my career, I've just had, I cracked C5 and 6 in my neck, but the technology wasn't such back then. That was like '89, so there was no surgery for it. But I was lucky enough it healed itself," he said.

Flair suggests that due to his demanding decades as a wrestler, he may be immune to aging.

"People don't understand, which I think is important, for 25 years, I worked every day of the week, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday, so I never saw TV - 365 years a day...It's funny. I could wrestle right now. They won't let me, but I'm ready for any kind of action." Flair added.


Before his current medical battles, fans were fine with never seeing Flair in the ring again — The Nature Boy has given us more than plenty. It's nice to know that Flair has such a lucratively positive outlook on his ability to heal. He's still not out of the proverbial woods, as it looks like he will be logging some significant time in a hospital. However, fans, friends and family are all cautiously optimistic. And why wouldn't we be? Flair himself likely hasn't had a doubt yet.