WWE Denies 2-Time Champion From Returning

Last month we reported that Rey Mysterio was amidst a bidding war of sorts between WWE, Lucha Underground, and GFW. According to SI.com, WWE has removed themselves from the Mysterio sweepstakes.

Their reason for doing so is likely multi-pronged; Mysterio is 42 with significant mileage and frankly, WWE wouldn't be filling much of a need by having him return.

But apparently, the chief reason why WWE lost interest was Vince McMahon's relationship with Mysterio's manager and former wrestler Konnan.

Per SI.com:

"The rift between Konnan and McMahon dates back decades to when WWE invested thousands of dollars into the Max Moon character for Konnan, before he ultimately made the decision to continue main-eventing in Mexico. Konnan was recently welcomed backstage at a WWE event by Chris Jericho, but his appearance did not help mend any of the issues that exist between himself and the WWE office."

That leaves things between Lucha Underground and GFW. Jeff Jarrett's promotion has a little momentum coming off a successful Slammiversary pay-per-view. Although a tumultuous champion in Alberto El Patron may hurt the company, bringing in a star like Mysterio could be the perfect way to make fans forget about El Patron's tendency to make negative headlines. To be short, GFW needs Rey Mysterio.

GFW/Impact has also seen a few names go, with stars Magnus, Madison Rayne, Brandi Rhodes, and Matt Morgan supposedly all having left the company in recent weeks, and no longer listed under the company's roster.

This mass-exit may be the result of recent contract changes for GFW which state that the company will take 10 percent of all money earned from their wrestlers' independent bookings, and all money earned from GFW-produced merchandise. Many have called these contract stipulations excessive and manipulative, citing them as further reason the acquisition of GFW by Anthem Sports has not been a positive change.


Considering how many wrestlers have passed in and out of both promotion's doors as of late, it looks like talent may continue leaving both GFW and LU/AAA in droves— and mostly leaving one for the other.

WWE may have already filled their quota on scooping up old veterans by the usage of the Hardy Boyz. Even further, they brought back the Great Khali. As far as 2017 is concerned, WWE is likely good on bringing back old stars.