Rey Mysterio Suffers Major Injury at Independent Wrestling Show

A serious road block may have just appeared on WWE's road to WrestleMania 34.

Rey Mysterio was working a match this weekend for independent promotion Northeast Wrestling when the star reportedly suffered a major injury. The match saw Mysterio tag with Flip Gordon to take on Joey Mercury and Caleb Konley in Waterbury, Connecticut, and the injury is believed by Mysterio to have occurred during the bout.

According to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer, Mysterio believes that he tore his left biceps and has considerable swelling in his arm, though the injury diagnosis had not yet been confirmed by a medical team at the time of the original report.

According to Meltzer's report (that looks to be sourced from Mysterio himself), Mysterio told Mercury during the match that he had been injured. Despite Mercury wanting to change the finish on the fly to accommodate the injured star, Mysterio immediately went into a double 619 set-up and then won the match with a splash off the top rope.

A video of the finish of the match can be seen below, where you can clearly observe Mysterio favoring his left arm.


This is incredibly bad timing for Mysterio, who had seemed like a lock to return to WWE following a great performance and fan response at the Royal Rumble in January. As he and WWE continued to work out the details for a full-time return, Mysterio had been rumored for everything from a match with John Cena at WrestleMania to working the 205 Live brand.

On top of the pending WWE return, Mysterio is also scheduled to face Japanese legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger at NJPW's big Strong Style Evolved show in Long Beach, California in just three weeks.