Why Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Were Kicked off WWE's European Tour

A story broke earlier today that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home from WWE's Europen tour for disciplinarian reasons. At that time, the details of their rule-breaking were unknown, but that is no longer the case.

According to ProWrestlingSheet Owens and Zayn went off script in their tussle with the New Day in SmackDown's opening segment. At the conclusion of their interaction, KO and Sami were supposed to take a thorough beating from The New Day. This act of "feeding" is a heel's way to help the crowd get behind the babyface, but because Owens and Zayn opted out of this portion of the show, the segment ended in off-balance fashion.

Check out the video above and you'll notice Kevin Owens calling out for Sami to join him for their exit. The New Day seemed to be caught off guard and WWE hit play on their music right before things got too awkward.

This act of "going into business for themselves" is an example of wrestlers being selfish, or at least as far as WWE is concerned. Even more, by the sudden exit of KO and Zayn, their offense was egregious enough for WWE to get them on the next plane back to the United States.

But there's more.

ProWrestlingSheet's report indicates that Owens and Zayn have been difficult to work with lately and seem to be unhappy backstage. To further fuel the fire, it's been noted that Owens and Zayn are said to be close friends with the recently departed Neville and former writer Jimmy Jacobs. From here, you are free to make your own conclusions.

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The assertion that the 2 wrestlers are disgruntled it worth digging into. At this moment neither of them are involved a monstrous and ever-expanding Survivor Series card. While it's likely WWE will find a way to incorporate them into the show, it likely won't be in a prominent role. However, it's not as if these 2 have been neglected.

Just a few weeks ago Kevin Owens was in a Hell in a Cell match with Shane McMahon. And that was after he bloodied Vince McMahon with an all-too-real headbutt. Needless to say, Kevin Owens has been an integral part of SmackDown.

While Sami Zayn rightfully has a long list of grievances, he's currently amidst his most relevant run in WWE. His heel turn at Hell in Cell caught us all off guard but in the best of ways. For him to act on his own accord just as he's hitting his stride is a curious choice.


This story is likely only getting started. We will keep you updated.