Breaking: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Sent Home from WWE's European Tour

The last few weeks in WWE have been remarkably chaotic. Superstars have quit, taken sudden leave, fallen ill, and now have been sent home from European tours.

According to PWInsider, SmackDown Superstars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were flown back to the United States despite having several more dates to fill on WWE's European tour. There are conflicting reports as to why WWE made this decision, but several sources are claiming that it's due to some unprofessional actions by the pair of Superstars. is reporting that WWE has sent the Superstars home for their on-camera work during Tuesday night's episode of SmackDown. What specifically was their transgression is still unknown, but the report claims to at least now the root of the problem.

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Last month, Owens was forced to leave WWE's South American tour, but it was for an unnamed personal emergency. At the moment this sounds like he and Zayn's departure from the European tour is a disciplinarian.

Oddly, both Owens a Zayn have been left off of a monstrous Survivor Series card. While this could change in a week, it's still remarkable to see SmackDown's hottest duo have no direction at the moment. There is speculation that their sudden exit from the tour could be an example of WWE using kayfabe to develop a storyline, but all indicators point to this news being genuine.

However, this Owens and Zayn acting up do snugly fit into their current narrative as troublemakers. While it's fun to imagine WWE being so committed to storytelling that they crafted up a Fake News tale about sending home mischevious wrestlers, it's important to remind ourselves that this is likely reality.

We'll likely know plenty more in the next few days, if not in a couple of hours.

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