Paul Heyman Lobbying Backstage for Brock Lesnar to Lose at SummerSlam

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar have been exhibiting strange behavior as of late. Lesnar is in a headline feud with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones (which may be a work) and Paul Heyman is making promises that he and Brock will walk from WWE if they leave SummerSlam without the Universal Championship.

But apparently, that's exactly what Paul Heyman wants.

A report by has Heyman lobbying for Brock Lesnar to lose his title at SummerSlam, but not in a predictable manner to Roman Reigns, but to Samoa Joe:

"The inside track is that none other than Paul Heyman is advocating behind-the-scenes for Samoa Joe to win the title, but the threat of Baron Corbin cashing in his non-specific Money in the Bank contract looms as a compelling finish to SummerSlam."

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Heyman pulling for Joe adds a complicating layer to this Brock Lesnar saga. Despite whatever gets reported on Lesnar and UFC, it's not happening until after WrestleMania 34. Lesnar is still said to be locked in for future WWE dates including next year's Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. That said, Lesnar can still conceivably lose at Summerslam, tricking us all into thinking he's done with WWE only to come back around Royal Rumble.

Heyman himself could afford a hiatus, or maybe he even sticks around as the new advocate for his new client, Samoa Joe. Maybe Joe could be the next Beast Incarnate:

Joe explained to 102.5 The Bone's Drew Garabo Live what it actually feels like to step in the ring with Lesnar:

"Not a lot of people get into Brock Lesnar like I did. Brock is every bit as intimidating as you'd imagine he would be times two. No, I mean, he's a shaved gorilla. It's just he's stronger than strong. I don't even think he even realizes how strong he is. I mean, he [has] got great control, but he is 'The Beast'. He's a big dude."

Joe opened up about developing a match, and how Lesnar prefers to improvise instead of mapping out the details.

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"When you're going in there and you're going to get into it with Brock. Brock isn't going to work on a lot of stuff; he's going to want to go out there and he's going to want to get down, so like Brock's not a pre-planned dude at all, man, so you've just got to go out there and do it. For some people, it trips them out, but for me, I'm like, 'if we're going to scrap, we're going to scrap.'"

He did his best to package Lesnar's essence in a thoughtful analogy:

"Like, honestly, a lot of getting ready for Brock was realizing he's basically a bigger Kurt Angle."


Joe's description of Lesnar is possibly the best to date. Could this scouting report help him out down the road?

Samoa Joe has taken the WWE by storm, going from the guy Seth Rollins beat to a sneaky pick for the next Universal Champion.