Neville and WWE Reportedly Negotiating His Return

For a slew of WWE Superstars, storming out of the company only to make amends proved to be a fruitful career move. And for the estranged Neville, his moment of reconciliation may be quickly approaching.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE and Neville have resumed talks that would bring the former Cruiserweight Champion back home. Per the report, Neville's return could happen as soon as April.

In October of 2017, Neville walked out on WWE. The reason for his departure has been highly speculated. Some sites have reported that he was upset with his position on the card as a member of the cruiserweight division. Others say he was inspired to leave the company after seeing the likes of Cody Rhodes making more money on the independent scene.

Neville dropped his Cruiserweight title to Enzo Amore back at No Mercy and hasn't been seen on television since the Sept. 26 episode of 205 Live. WWE denied that he had been granted his release, but he was eventually removed from the 205 Live opening video.

It's not hard to imagine Neville being disgruntled. Having endured some tough challenges on the main roster, he was forced to re-invent himself. To his credit, he did and had one of 2017's better success stories.

Many forget that Neville was the original figurehead of NXT. Peers like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have gone on to become more relevant in WWE, but perhaps Neville's opportunities are on the way, provided he does return.

Since Neville's departure, 205 Live has endured quite the tumultuous period. After Enzo Amore assumed the Cruiserweight throne, fellow high flyer, Rich Swann was involved in an ugly public episode with his wife that lead to his eventual release. But 205 Live suffered a near fatal blow with the scandal surrounding Enzo Amore. WWE was forced to fire Amore and the Cruiserweight Championship has yet to gain a new master.

If Neville does come back, he likely won't be a part of 205 Live. Instead, a logical landing place for him would be the US Championship scene on SmackDown.


We'll keep you posted as this story develops but Neville's return could be one of the juiciest storylines of 2018.

Photo: WWE