Mojo Rawley Reportedly Set for Push up WWE's Card

Mojo Rawley got the biggest win of his career when he pinned Zack Ryder at Clash of Champions. However, Sunday's victory may be the beginning of a hot streak for Mojo.

According to Cagesideseats, Mojo is lined up for a mid card push in the coming weeks. While this may have been the plan regardless, Mojo's recent Twitter promos garnered loads of positive attention and contributed to WWE's decision to get behind the former NFL player.

Mojo was quite impressive in his match at Clash of Champions as he flashed not just a newly aggressive persona, but a raw power that will set him apart from most of SmackDown's roster. Seeing that Mojo is the most recent winner of the Ande the Giant Battle Royal, we can't exactly call him underrated, but we can say that he's been on hold.

However, it looks like Mojo is destined for bigger opportunities. At 6'4" 290 lbs, Rawley possesses not just size, but raw athleticism. Perhaps most important, though, is Mojo's eagerness to establish a persona. Yes, some of his quirks can be obnoxious, but the WWE Superstars is hardly stationary as he seems comfortable being a loud character. Fortunately for him, loud characters typically find long-term success in WWE.

Mojo fearlessness for looking foolish that is all too refreshing as many WWE Superstars seem to confine their acts to tight, conservative, parameters. While he may draw the ire of some of WWE's more hardcore fans Rawley is crafting a formula that could lead him earning championship opportunities. By him independently releasing a promo for Clash Of Champions, Mojo near demanded that we take him seriously.


Go Mojo, go!