WWE Superstars and Fans React to Birth of Miz and Maryse's Daughter

The Miztourage just got its newest member when Maryse gave birth to baby girl Monroe Sky Mizanin late Tuesday evening. And the wrestling world is ready to celebrate.

Already flashing parental teamwork both the Miz and Maryse made identical posts to their respective Twitter and Instagram accounts:

"Of course our little girl arrived early," she captioned a black and white photo of her holding the baby's tiny hand. "Welcome to the world Monroe Sky Mizanin 3/27/18 11:40pm."

It didn't take long for the news to sweep the internet and WWE Superstar and fans rushed to congratulate the Intercontinental Championship family:

Not too long ago, it appeared the Miz may be in jeopardy of missing WrestleMania to catch the birth of he and Maryse's first baby.


“It’s a WrestleMania baby. The only thing my wife asked me was that [she wanted me to be there]. I literally have a private jet on call at all times," he told ESPN.

With that Monroe Sky in the world, the Miz can focus on protecting his other baby, the Intercontinental Championship in New Orleans. their stakes could be higher for the Miz either because if he is victorious on April 8th, he'll come the longest-tenured Intercontinental Champion of all time.