Matt Hardy Brings 'WOKEN' Weirdness to WWE Show

The "Woken" Matt Hardy era has officially begun.

As excited as fans are about Hardy being free to utilize his eccentric character, many fans are concerned that the WWE Universe may not "get it." While it's still early, Hardy receiving some promising data points from a Salt Lake City, Utah house show over the weekend.

Considering that Hardy's 'Woken" turn is not even a week old, he has to be enthused by the crowd's near automatic participation. Even more, this marks the first time WWE used the Woken terminology, further solidifying that Hardy's metamorphosis is for real.

It's been a windfall of a week for Matt Hardy. After heavily teasing a shift of character on RAW, word came out that Anthem Sports, and Entertainment, would finally allow Hardy use the "BROKEN" concept he created as their employee. Hardy's been celebrating the news ever since, by rebooting a different element of the character on a daily basis.


Ever since the Hardys made their thunderous return at WrestleMania 33, Matt has made concerted efforts to echo his beloved character. He promised for months that his creation would see the light in WWE, but until now, even his most dedicated of followers were likely beginning to doubt his decrees. But yet, Hardy's commitment to keeping the Broken/Woken franchise on fan's palates has paid off.

While Hardy won't be suffering Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion, that doesn't mean he won't make an impact on WWE's landscape. As a proven veteran, Hardy's professional savvy, along with his intoxicating character might just turn into one of the all-time great cult classics in WWE.