WWE Will Not Be Using 'Broken' for Matt Hardy's New Persona

Now that he is legally free to do so, Matt Hardy will hope to re-capture the wrestling world with his eccentric 'Broken' character. However, it sounds like he'll have to use a different name.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE will rebrand Hardy's 'Broken' persona to 'WOKEN.' A press release by Anthem Sports and Entertainment on Wednesday granted legal permission for its former employees to carry their intellectual property to new promotions. Despite the legal hall pass, WWE is still tweaking Hardy's slew of characters.

This shouldn't come as too much or a surprise as WWE wants to distinguish themselves from Anthem/Impact, even though 'Woken' is a slight alteration. Regardless of what they call it, this is still a huge win for Matt Hardy, and likely Jeff, too.

While Matt has all but permanently transformed into his 'Woken' self, it will be interesting to see if WWE employs the entire cast of characters. When Matt was BROKEN, he was supported by Jeff Hardy as Brother Nero, his infant son King Maxel, his Wife Reby Sky, his father Senor Benjamin, his drone, Vanguard One and Skarsgard, the Dilapidated Boat.

While we can't bet on WWE retaining all of these characters, it's not hard to imagine at least Brother Nero resurfacing at some point. Before he can join his brother, Jeff Hardy will first have to get healthy. The 40-year old grappler had shoulder surgery in October and isn't expected back until WrestleMania season.


For now, Matt will have to start the 'Woken' revolution by his lonesome. Judging by the amount of excitement around his metamorphosis, Hardy should have no troubles endearing his act to the WWE Universe.