Adult Film Actress Wants to Become a WWE Superstar

Even though WWE has staunchly committed itself to PG programming, they may receive a résumé from [...]

Even though WWE has staunchly committed itself to PG programming, they may receive a résumé from the world of X-rated entertainment.

Adult film star, Lexi Belle, may be looking for a career change. The 30-year old from Independence, LA is regarded as one of the more successful women in the industry having won 8 AVN awards since she began working in 2006. Belle posted to her Instagram account and claimed that she wants to become a WWE Superstar.

I really wanna be a WWE Superstar Ahhhhhh!!!!

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Could Belle's ambitions be genuine? We have no way of knowing, but we'll believe it when she actually begins training.

If Belle does indeed follow through in her Instagram wish, the second question is whether or not WWE would be interested. Sexuality and professional wrestling go hand in hand, even for the male wrestlers, but Vince McMahon and Co. have made a concerted effort to eliminate sexual overtones from their programming.

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Hiring an adult film actress does seem like it would run counter to WWE's newfound awareness under their "Women's Revolution." Thanks to Superstars like Charlotte Flair, the Bella Twins, and Sasha Banks, wrestling ability and character development have surpassed raw sexuality on the list of priorities for women in WWE.

Even more, one of WWE's most iconic women's wrestler, Chyna, has been more or less blackballed from the WWE Hall of Fame due to her career in pornography after her time in WWE. However, in the 90's a much more risque version of WWE was all too proud to feature their female employees in Playboy.

Needless to say, it's a complicated situation. If Belle does pursue a WWE career in the future Vince McMahon and his roundtable will have to reconcile between protecting women's rights to chase their dreams and protecting their image as a company.

But, all of this speculation will be in vain until Belle starts taking bumps.

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