Kurt Angle Wants to Wrestle Daniel Bryan in Dream Match

As Daniel Bryan continues to work toward a return to wrestling, there's one Hall of Famer who wants to wrestle the former champion in a dream match: Kurt Angle.

Angle spoke about his return to wrestling for WWE, getting cleared by medical personell, and Bryan continuing to be frustrated with his medical status during an interview over the weekend at iPlay America in New Jersey.

Angle filled in at the last minute at the TLC PPV in October due to an illness Roman Reigns was going through. Angle's return on short notice shocked many people, not just because of his past medical issues, but because it was assumed that Angle's possible return would be built up over the course of several months and not announced two days before a PPV.

Angle noted during the question and answer session this weekend that his getting cleared frustrated Bryan, who has continued to be restricted by WWE doctors despite obtaining clearance by doctors outside of the company.

"Can Daniel eventually wrestle again? I think he can, but it’s going to have to take him passing the concussion test. I know in time everything heals and we don’t know how much damage has been done to Bryan thus far, but do I think there’s a possibility of him wrestling? Maybe, I hope so," said Angle.


Continuing, Angle noted, "I feel bad, but he kind of took it personally that I was able to wrestle. He wasn’t mad or anything, he just couldn’t understand how they passed me, but not him. But they were two different things. Unfortunately for Daniel now he’s not able to wrestle, but if I had a dream match I wanted to wrestle, I would wrestle Daniel Bryan. He’s awesome."

A match between Angle and Bryan would be absolutely awesome, there's no doubt about it. Will it actually become a reality? We should know within the next year, as Bryan is expected to explore outside options for wrestling should WWE not clear him by the time his WWE contract expires in the fall of 2018.