Watch: Kevin Owens Joins Shania Twain Onstage During Concert

For weeks, Kevin Owens has used Twitter to profess his love for Shania Twain. And on Tuesday night, he was given the rarest of fan experiences.

During her Montreal concert, Twain singled out Kevin Ownes from his seat. The former Universal Champion was proud to show off his homemade sign as he professed his love for her music. This lead to the country star music inviting KO on stage.

Twain says she recognized Owens from Twitter as he had been badgering her for several weeks now. Owens went on to put in a request for "When" but Twain only partially accepted—saying she'll only sing the song if KO can beat Braun Strowman.

KO pleaded with her saying that Strowman is not your average man and pointed out that he had plenty other accomplishments in WWE that merited his request. KO never got his song, but he did get an on-stage selfie.

"My wife is incredible! I'm so lucky to have her. She got us tickets because she knows how much I like @ShaniaTwain's music and I had never been able to see her in concert before and somehow, this happened. We had a great night!

Oh, Shania...I'll see you #When I beat Strowman," wrote Owens.

Even WWE couldn't resist congratulating Owens on his big moment.

From this moment on, Kevin Owens can say he did it!

Yes, after weeks of anticipation, Owens not only saw Shania Twain in concert, but joined the iconic musician on stage during her set. In one of the stranger (and more awesome) WWE Twitter stories in recent memory, KO got re-verified on Twitter last week simply to give himself a better chance of getting Shania to notice his request for her to play his favorite Twain song "When" during the concert.

And although we can't yet confirm that Twain played "When" during the show, we can relay that KEVIN OWENS JOINED SHANIA TWAIN ON STAGE!