Kevin Owens Flips out After Wife's Instagram Gets Hacked

By now, everyone has had at least one bad experience with social media. But Kevin Owens and his wife just had a brush with disaster.

Yesterday, Kevin Owen's wife, Karina Steen, made an alarming post to Instagram, alleging that KO cheated on her several times.

However, the salacious post turned out to be the malicious work of a hacker. Karina would quickly correct the situation by explaining that not only her account had been breached but attempts were being made on her husbands' Instagram security as well.

Naturally, Kevin Owens was furious at the hacker's attempt to uproot his marriage and posted the following tweet damning the world of social media.

We can't blame KO for being so fired up about this nasty situation. Cybersecurity is a real issue in 2017, particularly for WWE Superstars. Luckily, KO and his family avoided a damaging situation, but that doesn't mean they weren't temporarily terrified.


With KO turning heel on Instagram, hopefully, that doesn't spark him canning Twitter as well. For what it's wroth, Owens is a master of sorts when it comes to tweeting and it'd be a shame to miss out on his wit thanks to an act of cowardice.

Regardless, it's nice to hear that KO and his family are all good.