Kevin Nash Comments on Surgery

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash went under the knife this week for his 32nd surgery, this time following a meniscus tear in his left knee. Thankfully, the former WCW legend turned Hollywood star is active on social media, and doing well in recovery. Nash took to Twitter to update fans on his condition, as well as nixing any rumors of a possible future return to in-ring action.

In a tweet last weekend, the man formerly known as Diesel informed his followers of the injury and upcoming operation.

On Wednesday, Nash posted the below photo and update on his condition, following the procedure. He seemed in good humor, possibly thanks to the meds.

As previously reported, Nash's long-time friend Scott Hall had some supportive words for his former partner. Hall himself is no stranger to struggle outside of the ring as he's fought addiction for years, if not decades.

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But despite the friendly exchange between the two former members of WWE's classic stable The Clique and WCW's NWO-founding "Outsiders" don't expect to see Nash back in the ring anytime soon. The "Magic Mike" star dashed any such hopes in another humorous tweet, posted the day of his surgery.


One thing's for sure, this legend's sense of humor is as sharp as ever. We wish him a swift recovery and good health, even if he has to take his paces in stride.