Has Kane Retired From WWE?

If you haven't heard, Kane is running for Mayor of Knox County, TN. His political obligations have forced him to turn in fire and brimstone for public policy and tax reform. With this stark transition, has the Big Red Machine hung up his boots for good?

In an interview with CBS Sports, Kane/Candidate Glenn Jacobs addressed his future in the wrestling ring.

"We have a saying in the WWE: never say never. So, I can't answer that question," he said with a laugh."

We can count on at least one more chokeslam from Kane (maybe to his political opponent if he loses the election), but it's hard to say when. Clearly, the former WWE Champion has had political ambitions for a while, so run now?

"I'm 50 years old. There's a bit of a time constraint maybe. (laughs) It's just that time in my life and for my family as well that it's a good decision for me to pursue this," he reasoned.

Kane thinks his time in WWE, particularly as a backstage authority figure, has ironically helped him in his political causes. After all, if you can keep the peace in a wearing locker room, then surely some of that transfers to life in politics.

"I've been in WWE for 22 years and reached a point in my career where, within the locker room, I'm one of the people that guys come to if something needs to be discussed. I'm also one of the people that the WWE executives, if there is a problem in the locker room, I'm one people that is consulted about that. … It's actually my involvement in WWE that I've found hopefully will help me out in the political realm," he said.

While The Demon has racked up some endorsements already, the most recent comes in the form of an old-school WWE style promo from his old friend and fellow WWE legend Ric Flair.

In a video posted to TMZ, Flair promises to hit up an upcoming local campaign rally for Jacobs on July 12, saying, "I will be there live and in color to support my very close friend, Glenn Jacobs."

Of course it's not a proper Nature Boy promo without his signature sign-off, as Flair unleashes a resounding "WHOOOOOOOO!!!" in support of the values-driven libertarian Republican candidate, and former dentist gimmick Isaac Yankem DDS.


Best of luck Kane and his campaign!

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