Kane Falls Victim to a Hilarious Botch on RAW

At 50-years old, some would say that Kane has lost a step. However after his match with Braun Strowman on RAW, one could say that Kane can't step at all.

Kane and Strowman fought to a limp draw on Monday in a match that was supposed to determine Brock Lesnar's opponent for January's Royal Rumble. To compensate for the anticlimactic finish, WWE made sure tables, chairs, and stairs made their way into the match. However, like most elderly citizens, Kane struggled to move with and around all of that furniture in the ring.

In Kane's defense he looked to have tripped over Strowman's colossal boot, but perhaps in his prime, he would have caught himself before tumbling to the mat. We're just happy he didn't break his hip!


Hang in there, Kane!