John Cena's Dad Rips Alexa Bliss and Charlotte

At 40-years old, does John Cena still get embarrassed by things his Dad does? The next couple days could get awkward for the 16-time WWE Champion after his father, John Cena Sr., had some contentious opinions about some of the women in WWE.

While appearing on Boston Wrestling Sports, Cena Sr. broke down most of the WWE's women's division. While he had some nice things to say about Natalya and Sasha Banks, the elder Cena had no love for Charlotte or Alexa Bliss.

"I'm not a fan of Charlotte Flair. I'll be right upfront. Alexa Bliss, what's she got? The looks and the body, that's about it. You know what? I'm going to stop before I get myself in trouble. Natalya is a great kid, I think Sasha is a great performer, it's too bad Bayley is out," said Cena Sr.

While Cena Sr. won't get in trouble with anyone other than his son, he may have caused tension for Cena Jr. For all of the negativity, Cena's dad did have nice things to say about The Boss.

"She[Sasha] is a money maker and she's willing to get out and break her a**. Go with it while you can."

Cena Sr. does have experience in the wrestling business so his opinion has more validity than most wrestling dads. On top of that WWE has used him multiple times in angles with Cena on RAW. That said, is his opinion worth considering?

Well, this is America and we can say just about anything we want here; so, good for Cena Sr. for expressing that inalienable right. However, Cena Sr. may be overstepping his boundaries on this instance. Since they weren't there to defend themselves, here are some nice words about Alexa Bliss and Charlotte: Alexa is the only truly developed personality in WWE's women's division and Charlotte Flair, ay already be the greatest women's wrestler of all time.




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