John Cena Accuses the WWE Locker Room of Being Too Complacent

Despite not appearing on television this week, John Cena sure is making headlines as only he can.

Cena was not on Monday Night RAW this week, the final show before this Sunday's No Mercy PPV event. This lead to Roman Reigns taking part in a solo in-ring segment to put the final touches on their big match on Sunday. However, Cena has been working the media circuit, and he returns to the house show loop this weekend with a scheduled booking on Saturday night in Fresno, California.

However, the Cena stories that are getting the most play this week come from his much anticipated on Edge and Christian's podcast, The E&C Pod of Awesomeness, which dropped on Friday.

We already have covered his comments about Roman Reigns and why he thinks that Reigns has struggled to reach the top level in his WWE career to this point. However, Cena's criticisms weren't reserved solely for his No Mercy opponent. He fired a shot at the entire WWE locker room during the interview.

Cena spoke on the podcast about there being an overwhelming sense of complacency among the current WWE locker room. He made a point to say that there has never been a better time to make a name for yourself in WWE, yet Cena says he's disappointed to observe that most of the talent don't take the initiative to step it up and make a name for themselves.

He went on to talk about how he thinks many of the wrestlers that are currently with the company are just happy to be there. He said they show up to the arena and do what they are told to do on television that night rather than going out of their way to carve out a unique place for themselves. Cena made a point to say that talent don't just have to do what they are told verbatim; he said that whatever creative gives a performer is just a template that they can do with as they see fit.

There's no doubt that Cena's words carry a lot of weight within WWE, and if there is anyone who is qualified to give an opinion like this it would be the guy who has been the face of the company for the last decade. That said, there is sure to be some serious criticism of these statements.

There have been some performers who have carved out a niche with the audience, getting themselves over despite WWE creative throughout the years. Wrestlers like Cesaro and Zack Ryder immediately come to mind. However, even after these guys got the crowd behind them, they were unceremoniously pushed back down the card. On the contrary, a group like New Day appeared to do exactly what Cena suggested; they got themselves over despite being handed a gimmick that seemed like it would die a harsh death.

There's no perfect formula for creating a main event star. It certainly requires a performer to go above and beyond the outline given to them by the creative team, but they also need creative and the powers that to be to be on board with pushing them to the next level should they gain steam. It would seem from the outside looking in that several performers haven't been able to achieve success on both fronts.



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