John Cena Teases WrestleMania Match with The Undertaker on RAW

The Undertaker and John Cena are officially flirting.

In RAW's opening segment, John Cena made a not-so-subtle Undertaker reference while hyping up the approaching WrestleMania.

"Wrestlemania can bring a legend back from the dead," said Cena.

There is only one "legend" who's strictly associated with the dead and that's The Undertaker. Twitter scooped up the reference immediately.

However, Cena's little Easter Egg was only meant as a teaser, as his main focus turned back to Elimination Chamber. But we know how this one goes. Despite a Herculean effort, John Cena will not win at Elimination Chamber. And as he mentioned in tonight's promo, he would be lost on the road to WrestleMania if he cannot prevail on February 25th.

But he might as well have told us he's single and taking all callers.

While it may sound like we're getting ahead of ourselves, we're not. Rumors of this matched have been seesawing since the summer and was practically confirmed in recent weeks.


We don't know when or how The Undertaker shows up to this party, but there certainly is a possibility that he ruins Cena's Elimination Chamber effort with highly a dramatized Tombstone.

We'll keep you posted as this one develops, but look for WWE to continue to tease the match up until we hear that fateful GONG.