John Cena Lobbied for Shinsuke Nakamura to Beat Him Cleanly

John Cena rarely loses matches cleanly. Mathematically speaking, it happens about one time per year. So when Shinsuke Nakamura pinned him last Tuesday in SmackDown's main event, it was a remarkable moment.

But that wasn't the original idea. The first draft of the dream match's finish was for Baron Corbin to storm from the back and cost Cena his victory, thereby setting up their SummerSlam match. But according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cena did not care for parody to end the match and so he proposed that Nakamura beat him cleanly.

We know now that is exactly what happened. However, when SmackDown went off the air, Corbin did run down the ramp to do some damage. He mangled Nakamura and his celebration only to be AA'd through a table by Cena. That should be the jumping off point for the two to enter a SummerSlam feud all while giving Nakamura his biggest WWE moment to date.

By Cena lobbying for Nakamura to beat him clean, he guarantees Nakamura a flawless launching point for his pending run at WWE's top. Now WWE has the crystallizing footage of the victorious Nakamura forever.

This pokes a rather large hole in detractors of Cena's career. The common belief is that Cena "buries" talent with his tendency to be invincible. Some fans believe that Cena is single handily responsible for snuffing out budding WWE careers. While such an argument may have a little ground to stand on, every time Cena volunteers to lose like he did last week really kills that narrative.

In his nearly two decades at WWE's peak, Cena has earned an aura that can only be rivaled by Hulk Hogan. When he loses, it matters. We can assume that he's well aware of this, so when he elects to lose, he's likely endorsing someone. This time it was Nakamura.

That said, can we expect Nakamura to leave SummerSlam as WWE Champion? Maybe. We can safely guess that he will beat Jinder Mahal. However, leaving the venue as champion is a different story as The Lone Wolf will be lurking awaiting his opportunistic moment. It feels like Corbin will be attempting to cash in during the show.


Regardless, there's plenty of parody going around in WWE nowadays. This is a wonderful thing because all too often fans can anticipate WWE's movements. At this moment, that is simply not the case.