John Cena Shows off His Royal Rumble Workout Routine

John Cena took to Twitter on Sunday to show fans how he’s gearing up for the Royal Rumble, and some were seriously concerned his workout would leave him too exhausted for his fight later that night.

Cena posted a short clip of himself squatting. He tagged the WWE and the Royal Rumble itself, writing, “Battle plan for #royalrumble2018 STAY LOW.” The wrestler appeared in full weightlifting regalia, with squat shoes, a weightlifting belt, and compression knee sleeves. There are eight weight plates on the bar weight 25 kilos each, and the bar itself adds up to about 496 pounds total.

Many would hesitate to take on such an intense workout the morning before a big competition, but Cena doesn’t seem concerned. He takes the weight down and back like a pro, without even making it look like a struggle. The wrestler has a well-documented love of Olympic-style weightlifting, which he practices and regularly incorporates into his training. Before this, his most recent video on Twitter showed him snatching 115 kilos — about 250 pounds. In one fluid motion, he takes the weight from the floor to above his head.

Brute strength might not be enough for Cena tonight, however. So far, he’s the only free agent listed in the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

For many, Cena remains the front-runner for the big match, and has been ever since he announced his entry on Monday, Jan. 1. The wrestler made the statement on Twitter, sound as calm as can be. “Time to #EarnTheDay because on January 28th, I’m entering the #Royal Rumble match and earning a chance at history,” he wrote. Now that the day has arrived, Cena is leaving all his jitters in the weight room.

The Royal Rumble begins at 10 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 28 on the WWE Network.