Roman Reigns Continues to Pad His Impeccable Resume at No Mercy

WWE belongs to Roman Reigns.

After a dynamite match, Roman Reigns beat John Cena at No Mercy. Reigns had to kick out from an astounding 4 AA's (one from the top rope) in order to defeat Cena. After a booming combination of a Superman Punch and a Spear, John Cena was cleanly pinned in the middle of the ring.

The narrative the two spun early was that Cena wasn't taking this match serious enough. Cena pandered to the crowd and even feigned an exit. Reigns wasn't interested in games and spent the next 10 minutes dominating Cena. Reigns' would work old-school heel psychology going as far as slapping on a sleeper hold that drew "boring" chants from the crowd.

As the match progressed John Cena found himself getting the purest babyface reaction he's seen in years. Roman Reigns could provide the proper chemistry for such an anomaly.

After the match, Cena gave the obligatory endorsement of Reigns then wistfully sat in the ring's corner as Reigns made his exit. Cena then took a bow as the crowd chanted "Thank You, Cena!" With a content smile on his face, Cena made his way to the back.

It's hard to grasp the ramifications of tonight match so closely removed. But It surely seems that WWE is dead set on riding Reigns for the next decade. We'll likely see a sequel to tonight, but there's no telling when that will be. John Cena is leaving to film a Transformers spin-off. While his exit tonight felt finale, he'll certainly be back, but possibly not until 2018.

From here, Reigns can logically move to anywhere on WWE's card. While the current sentiment is that WWE is saving Roman and Brock Lesnar for WrestleMania 34, it would almost be an injustice to the legacy of John Cen a to see Reigns move on to a time-buying feud with Finn Balor or Bray Wyatt. WWE will find a way to keep Reigns relevant but for now, consider all options on the table.




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