John Cena Shows Off His New Look and the Internet Reacts

John Cena has been in the headlines a lot of late, mostly due to his high profile break-up with long-time girlfriend Nikki Bella.

Though some have started to doubt whether the break-up is really for the long haul (read: a ratings ploy for Total Bellas), it's been an emotional situation none the less. And what do people tend to do when going through an emotional crisis? They often times make some kind of major shift in their life.

For John Cena, it looks like that change is facial hair.

It's certainly a fresh look for Cena, and it didn't take long for the internet to swing in with their hot takes.

Cena himself next jumped on Twitter with a rather interesting tweet. Is this related to his beard? Probably not, but imagining this has something to do with his decision to grow facial hair makes for a laugh.

We're not sure if his new look is part of preparation for an upcoming movie role, or if it was just John's decision to give himself a new look. A quick glance at his IMDB page reveals that the only upcoming part Cena has been announced for that involves an on-screen role is a film titled The Janson Directive, which is currently in pre-production.

In that film, Cena looks to play the lead role. The description for The Janson Directive reads:


Former Navy SEAL and prisoner of war, Paul Janson, works as a corporate security consultant, but when an assignment to rescue a VIP goes wrong, he's forced to go on the run.

Whatever the case, Cena has changed his look and the internet has gotten a kick out of it. After all, the internet been asking for John to change his character for a decade and that wish has finally been granted.