Watch: John Cena Hosts a Heartwarming Q&A with His Youngest Fans

Although adult wrestling fans may just be so-so on John Cena, the 16-time WWE Champion possess an impeccable rapport with younger wrestling fans. That priceless relationship was on full display Wednesday morning.

Cena visited the Library of Congress in order to promote his upcoming movie, Ferdinand. To connect with the film's target audience Cena actually read the entire Ferdinand book to an auditorium pack with kids. After he finished to story, Cena opened to the floor and fielded an abundance of questions from his admirers.

While no one asked what it was like to kiss Nikki Bella or who his WrestleMania 34 opponent might be, it was the perfect reminder as to why John Cena became John Cena.

Professional wrestling, WWE in particular, is for the kids. That's why WWE went to TV-PG programming have yet to look back. It's why some of their jokes seem immature and why The New Day started wearing unicorn horns. While adults are still an important demographic they will always be secondary to WWE's relationship with younger generations of fans.


And John Cena just proved that.