John Cena Teaches Trolling Fan a Lesson

After being fervently booed by adult WWE fans for nearly 10 years, John Cena may be an expert in dealing with haters. A recent tweet indicates exactly this.

Early this morning, Cena tweeted an image of a salty fan giving him a firm middle finger during Tuesday night's SmackDown Live. The 16x WWE Champion saw this a perfect opportunity to advocate maturity:

"No matter what you do, there will always be hate. You have 2 choices, Hate back, or Smile and #RiseAboveHate I prefer option 2 😊"

That fan's phone will likely be buzzing for the rest of Wednesday as her friends will remind her of the moral spanking that John Cena just handed her.

Cena's response is undeniably timely, as "hate" may be the most used word in all media platforms. Instead of squeezing in a political opinion, Cena essentially sub-tweeted all of the tensions that are currently abuzz in America. Or maybe he didn't. Regardless, Cena's advice is one we should at least consider and for the bold, maybe even adopt.

For Cena professionally, this may be the last time he gets flicked off on SmackDown for a while. From all indications, Cena will move to RAW in less than a week.

Cena's imminent departure from SmackDown has several implications. The first is that his match with Baron Corbin will likely be a one-off. Their feud has been shotgunned onto the SummerSlam card and will likely serve as a surprisingly good mid-card match. It will be the biggest match of Corbin's career, but just because he's fighting the lame duck Cena, that doesn't make his win inevitable.


For Cena, heading to RAW opens up plenty of interesting speculation. In all likelihood, WWE is moving him to Monday to help in their unofficial war against Monday Night Football. Even further, this expands Cena's list of potential adversaries. Maybe he entered a feud with Braun Stowman or Samoa Joe. But what's most likely is that Cena and Roman Reigns will continue to build their case to have a humongous match at Wrestlemania 34.