Jinder Mahal's Nipples Were Out of Control at Clash of Champions

When a WWE Superstar wrestles AJ Styles, they typically get overshadowed by the Phenomenal One's grace and precision. However, at Clash of Champions, it was Jinder Mahal's nipples that stole the show.

A keen eye from Twitter caught some abnormal nipple behavior from the Modern Day Maharajah during Mahal's WWE Championship match with Styles. As if we could miss freakish nipple formation, our Twitter hero went the extra mile and drew a big red circle around Mahal's bulging teet.

This isn't the first time Mahal's body, or his nipples for that matter, have been placed under scrutiny. Not long ago, Mahal had a bit of a dad bod, but in 2017, the 31-year old debuted a physique that even the most chiseled of statues would envy. Speculation on Jinder's metamorphosis typically lead to performance-enhancing accusations, but Mahal has yet to fail any WWE drug test.

Jinder's rapid transformation not only caught the attention of fans but it was an issue that former WWE Superstars could not let lie. On his podcast, Conversations with The Big Guy, Ryback was more than honest on the subject of Jinder's new body.

"I just noticed, they did a f---ing close up of his chest and I just I noticed it right away. I've never had that or anything, cause like there's no reason to. That like is, when you get guy with those red flags right off the f----ing bat, Dr. Black…That s--- don't happen on its own," he said.


Mahal's inflamed nipples could be associated with male gynecomastia. While this is a condition that can naturally occur, it often happens in men who use steroids as the drug increases estrogen in the body while potentially decreasing testosterone, thus the appearance of extra breast tissue.

Also worth mentioning is the dense collection of acne on Mahal's back; another side effect that correlates with steroid use. However, we should underline once more that Mahal has passed every drug test he's been asked to take, so other than speculation, we have to assume he's clean but just has weird nipples.