Jinder Mahal on The Rock, Undertaker, Money In The Bank and More

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal touched on a variety of subjects ranging from the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV and the Undertaker's retirement to WWE's future in India and his personal relationships with the Singh Brothers, the Great Khali, and more.

Mahal takes most of the credit for his recent rise to the top, saying "Ultimately I believe that I'm responsible for my own success," but also pays respect where due, adding "Vince McMahon has luckily been really hands on with me, which I've been very fortunate about as he is one the great minds of the business. He has made WWE into a global phenomenon."

Many see Jinder Mahal's ascent as a ratings grab relating to WWE's business expansions into India. But the Modern Day Maharaja is optimistic about the company touring into that territory in the near future: "WWE is working very hard to have live events in India. WWE recognises that India is such a huge market where the fans are very passionate and I know they're working the hardest to make it happen."

Though the current champion certainly has his share of rivals and detractors, he draws support from close personal relationships "The Singh brothers are my best friends, as I ride with them every week. Outside of the ring and inside of it, they got my back... They ensure I remain WWE Champion."

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But despite his ride to the top, he hasn't forgotten those who paved the way.

"I would love to see Great Khali come back to the WWE. I think it would be awesome when WWE comes back to India you know, maybe [he and I] can tag together. It would be fun to be a tag team together you know against whoever; Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton...You know I think that would be great because I look up to Khali like an older brother."

But Khali isn't the only WWE superstar Mahal would like to see make a return. When asked about The Undertaker's uncertain retirement, he responded "I believe there is another chapter left, but that's the thing with Undertaker, he's so mysterious, he's so unpredictable, you don't know what that chapter's going to be."

When asked which WWE legend he would most like to face, beyond the current greats like John Cena and Brock Lester, there was no question who Jinder had in mind.

"I think The Rock would be my perfect pick just because he's such a huge Superstar and growing up he was one of my favourites, you know he was my idol. Just everything – from the way he spoke to his fashion sense to his style in the ring – you know he was a very fierce competitor... He likes to come back to the WWE every once in a while. I think it's a real chance that the opportunity can come to fruition."

As for the present, Mahal has his sights set on his title rematch at Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV "I look forward to defeating Randy Orton at Money In The Bank and any challenger that comes after that."

Yet Jinder also took time to acknowledge the importance of the history making MITB women's ladder match "I think it's a great opportunity for the women. You know WWE is very progressive and the women's division is moving forward... It shows equality, which I know WWE is very proud about. It's a chance to showcase the Women's division because I do believe they are tremendous, tremendous athletes. They hold their own against any of the matches that the men are having."

His pick for the winner of that match might come as much of a surprise as his own unexpected victory. "As far as winning, I'm going to say, Carmella. We haven't seen a lot of her, she's unpredictable and is kind of the dark horse. I would like to see her win."


You can read the entire interview at Sportskeeda, and tune in to Money in the Bank this Sunday to see if The Modern Day Maharaja's predictions prove correct, and whether his reign will continue on.

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