WWE Rumor: Matt and Jeff Hardy to Challenge The Bar at WrestleMania

WrestleMania's monstrous card is starting to take shape, but the tag team picture is blurry, at best. However, we may know what the RAW Tag Team Championship match will look like.

Sheamus an Cesaro has been vocal about the lack of tag team competition on Monday Night RAW. They're not wrong either, as the RAW tag division only has about three actual teams. However, an old team may be ready to reunite and meet them in New Orleans.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE that if Jeff Hardy can return in time, he and his brother, Woken Matt Hardy will challenge The Bar in the Superdome for the RAW tag belts.

The Observer also notes that if Jeff can't heal in time, then Gallows and Anderson or the Revival will take the Hardy's place. There is also the chance the WWE makes it a 6-man tag match.

However, a report from Wednesday says that Jeff Hardy has already begun his ring training and WWE officials are optimistic about his WrestleMania availability.

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff has kept Hardy sidelined since October. However, prescribed timings for return was between 6-9 months. Well, April would get Hardy 7 months of recovery time.

Like his eccentric brother, Jeff also has an alter ego that resides in the Woken Universe: Brother Nero. Given that Hardy and WWE have the rights to all of the Woken intellectual property, we can safely assume that Jeff will align with bizarre, yet popular brother.

He may be walking into a fruitful gig, too. Matt has fought vehemently to build momentum for his Woken character and WWE rewarded him with an Elimination Chamber victory over Bray Wyatt. For the near future, expect Matt and Bray to keep their odd rivalry alive, but when Jeff comes back, WWE will have to pivot.


The Hardy's blew the roof off of WrestleMania 32 with a surprise that few foresaw. The Hardy's prodigal return got even sweeter when the won the RAW tag team Championships.

They'll look to recreate that magic on April 8th.