Jeff Hardy Reunites With 'Woken' Matt Hardy During RAW 25

The RAW 25 event may be uneventful for the poor souls at the Manhattan Center, but the fans in the arena got a special treat on Monday night.

Jeff Hardy, who has been sidelined with a shoulder injury for the past few months, made a backstage cameo at the Barclays Center during Monday Night Raw. But while the cameras were still focussed on the action in Brooklyn, Hardy made his way over to the Manhattan Center to join his brother "Woken" Matt Hardy in the ring.

Wiht the two reunited, Hardy brought back his old Impact Wrestling persona Brother Nero. and did a sing along rendition of his old theme "Obsolete."

"I'll fade away and classify myself as obsolete!" Hardy sang.

For those who don't know, Hardy renamed himself "Brother Nero" while Matt was first doing the "Broken" gimmick in Impact Wrestling. The nickname first started off as an insult by Matt, calling Jeff by his middle name. But eventually Jeff joined forces with his brother and embraced the nickname, donning the same robes as "Broken" Matt and using a color contact lens to whiten out one of his eyes.

Hardy has been out since September with his shoulder injury and was given a four-to-six month timetable for a return. Unless he's ahead of schedule, he likely won't be involved in Sunday's Royal Rumble match alonside "Woken" Matt.

With his brother out of action, Matt took on his rival Bray Wyatt in the first match from the Manhattan Center, but came up on the losing end rather quickly after Wyatt nailed him with Sister Abigail.


Photo: Twitter/@tim00