Potential Spoiler Regarding James Ellsworth and Money in the Bank

Earlier this week, a story broke indicating that James Ellsworth would make a prodigal return to [...]

Earlier this week, a story broke indicating that James Ellsworth would make a prodigal return to the show that made us hate him, Money in the Bank. However, Ellsworth responded to the rumor by reminding WWE fans he was already booked for a show in China.

Well, his is no attending that event.

Adrian Gomez, the owner of Middle Kingdom Wrestling, just announced that Ellsworth's worth is officially out for the June 17 event in Harbin, China. This appears to lock in the Chinless Wonder for Money in the Bank.


James Ellsworth was scheduled to appear this weekend (June 16/17, 2018) in Harbin, China, as part of Middle Kingdom Wrestling presents EYES ON THE PRIZE, and an MKW Meet 'n Greet party. This booking has been in place since February.

James Ellsworth informed us last night that he will not be traveling to China. This news comes after repeated attempts by MKW management to contact Ellsworth over the last six days to confirm travel arrangements.

On behalf of MKW, I would like to apologize to the fans who bought tickets with the intention of seeing James Ellsworth wrestle and meeting him in person at the MKW Meet 'n Greet event. MKW is disappointed by the actions of James Ellsworth, especially at the late nature of the cancellation. However we still have the most talented card in MKW history lined up and aim to provide a historic night of action, including China's first intergender match between Tyra Russamee and Carless Whisper.

And since we are spoiling surprises for another company, MKW is happy to announce that former NWA and Zero-1 Champion Buffa will be appearing at this weekend's show, teaming up with Michael Su to take on Big Sam and Ash of The Stable. MKW will continue its upward trend and continue breaking new ground in the pro wrestling scene in China.

Ellsworth has yet to comment on the news.

While there are no guarantees in professional wrestling, a simple amount of deduction puts Ellsworth in Chicago this Sunday. Last year, Ellsworth notoriously became involved in the first-ever women's Money in the Bank Match. Instead of a shining moment for women's wrestling, Ellsworth stole all of the glory by climbing the ladder and retrieving the MITB contract for Carmella. WWE's choice to have a man become the first-ever women's MITB winner drew waves of criticism and two days later, WWE issued a re-do. Carmella still won, but her moment of glory felt disingenuous.

Given the amount of irritation Ellsworth can garner, his presence at MITB this Sunday was likely an easy choice for WWE. While we can't expect him to win, he'll likely get his comeuppance for last year's transgression.