The Latest on a Hulk Hogan Reunion with WWE

As the weeks go on and we get closer and closer to WrestleMania 34, more and more rumors are starting to fly regarding a possible WWE return for Hulk Hogan.

The latest person associated with Hogan to be asked about a possible return was his son, Nick Hogan, who was questioned recently by TMZ. When asked point blank if Hulk would be returning to WWE soon, Nick said that he can't talk about that publicly. However, he did say that he would love to see his dad return because he has such a legacy with the company.

He was asked if he thought his father (now 64 years old) would wrestle again, and Nick noted that it wouldn't be the surgeries that he has had that would bother his dad, it would be the travel schedule.

"He could still beat somebody's ass. Trust me, nobody messed with pops," Nick said.

It's been over two years now since Hulk Hogan was terminated by WWE following fallout from a racial slur he was captured saying on video. At the time, Hogan was appearing as a judge on WWE's Tough Enough series. He hasn't been brought back since.

According to reports from the Wrestling Observer, there have recently been discussions in WWE about bringing Hogan back. They have been weighing the idea of his return with possible backlash from advertisers and sponsors due to the nature of his removal from the company in 2015.

However, given that the Ultimate Warrior was eventually brought back to WWE despite saying far worse things bodes well for a return for the Hulkster. In fact, it's hard to imagine the man the company has called the "Babe Ruth of Wrestling" for several years never appearing again for that company.


If the Hulkster were to return in the coming months, two shows stand out as likely options: the RAW 25th anniversary show in January and WrestleMania 34 in April.