Hulk Hogan Wants Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as His Opponent If He Returns to WWE

If Hulk Hogan ever comes back into the WWE ring, he wants to fight Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

On Thursday, Johnson's interview with Fox News contributor Kevin McCarthy went viral on Twitter. The former wrestler told a great story about how he caught Hogan's headband when he saw a match at Madison Square Garden.

After the match was over, the 12-year-old Johnson had a chance to take the headband home as a souvenir. But he couldn't resist meeting Hogan, who asked for the headband back because it was his last one!

Thankfully, two to three weeks later, Hogan gave a signed headband to Johnson's dad, wrestler Rocky, to give to his son. The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor said he still has the headband.

Later, Muscle & Fitness found video of Hogan throwing the headband at MSG on Feb. 20, 1984, asking Johnson if that was the match he was talking about.

"Wow this was the match back in '84 when I caught this [Hulk Hogan] headband he throws," Johnson replied. "I was 12yrs old at Madison Square Garden. I went back to the locker room after the match to give it back to him. Two weeks later he gave me a brand new one. Crazy story."

Hogan caught wind of the story, and asked The Rock for a rematch if he wants another headband.


"Yo [The Rock], if you need another head band this time you need to give me my rematch then see if you can take it brother!! Lol," he wrote. "Only love but I'm serious about the rematch brother."

The Rock and Hogan fought at WrestleMania X8 in Toronto in March 2002, with Johnson defeating his idol. Hogan called it one of his "favorite matches of all time."