Former WWE Superstar Reveals Why He Hated Working There

In April of this year, WWE released Simon Gotch of the Vaudevillians. Now going by Simon Grimm, the 34-year-old wrestler is trying to make it on the independent circuit. His 90-day non-compete clause just ended, and with his new found freedom, he's ready to tell his side of the story.

In an interview with Wrestle: List Grimm gave a transparent response on what his time in WWE was like:

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"I was really unhappy. I'd actually been pretty unhappy there for a while. It's kind of an odd little side story – the previous year, right after the takeover they did in Dallas, which myself and my former tag team partner Aiden English weren't even on the live special from Dallas. And I'd always been really close with Biff Busick or Oney Lorcan as he's now known, and he walked by and said "Hey man, how are you doing," and I just looked at him and said "I fucking hate this place. I want to quit," and he got this huge grin on his face. If you've ever seen Biff smile you know he's got this very unique sort of half smile does, but it was that thing of really, frustration building up and being really depressed about how we were being used. And you always want to be doing more and when you're feeling like you're not being allowed to you're literally being barred from doing more, it can wear on you a lot."

When asked to expand on the WWE work environment, Grimm would compare life in WWE to life in NXT:

"The one plus of NXT versus the main roster was in NXT they did the tapings every month or every couple of months. It was kind of like you knew where you were going or weren't going. If you're not used on a taping you know you're not going to do anything for the next six weeks or month. So then you have time to work on stuff on house shows or put together ideas, new pitches – you know whether or not you need to do that. But, on the main roster, because everything's so day-to-day and week-to-week, there's very much that feeling of, am I doing anything on TV this week? No? Okay – let me pitch an angle. And next week comes and they tell me they like the angle but they don't have time to start it yet. And another week goes by and they don't do anything."

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The Vaudevillians were a nice novelty for WWE's tag team division. As former NXT Tag Team Champions, the pair had nice momentum upon arriving onto WWE's main roster. The 2016 Draft sent them to Smackdown where they would have trouble gaining their footing. To make matters worse Gotch was rumored to be disliked by some of the locker room and actually came to blows with Sin Cara.

Grimm's partner, Aiden English is still kicking on WWE's roster, however. He's adopted a theatrical singing gimmick that likely won't be getting him into the WWE Championship picture anytime soon. Best of luck to both of the former Vaudvillains.