Charlotte vs. Natalya Set for Hell in a Cell

Charlotte Flair will challenge Natalya at Hell in Cell for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

Earlier in the evening, Charlotte addressed the SmackDown crowd and thanked them for their support during her father's month-long health crisis. The sentimental moment didn't last long as Becky Lynch, Natalya, Tamina, and Naomi all made their way to the ring. Before chaos could take hold of the situation, Daniel Bryan entered the fray and booked a Fatal 4-Way to name the number one contender for Natalya's title.

The multi-woman match got SmackDown's main event slot and did not disappoint. While the match was a little short, the WWE Superstars had a contest full of intensity. WWE did a great job of making each competitor feel important as they all got their own spots for us to ohh and ahhh.

However, it was Charlotte's geometrically perfect moonsault onto Naomi ad Tamina that stole the show. But, before we get into Charlotte let's take time to acknowledge Tamina's big splash from the top rope. Cool?

For the first time in months, Charlotte finds herself back in the Championship picture. Since her move to SmackDown, she's been more of an attraction than an actual storyline contributor. It's not just brands Charlotte's switched, she actually flipped her morality. Charlotte is playing a pure babyface right now and riding the goodwill from Ric Flair health issues, people are going to get behind her.

Charlotte and Natalya have a great history that dates back to their fantastic match in NXT - it's a must what for any self-respecting wrestling fan. Since these two will quite possibly never meet under these circumstances again, it's fair to expect something great from Natalya and Charlotte come Hell in a Cell.



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