Enzo Amore Still Holding Grudge Against Big Cass

Not that long ago, Enzo Amore and Big Cass were in the midst of launching their solo careers in WWE. However, during a RAW street fight between the ex-partners, Cass tore his ACL and left the ring.

And Enzo Amore still hasn't forgiven Cass for his sawftness.

In an interview with the Store Horseman podcast, Enzo still can't believe that Cass chose not to finish such an important match.

"Triple H tore his quad and sat in a sharpshooter. Stone Cold took a piledriver and was paralyzed, [and he did] the ugliest schoolboy in the history of the business. I've been picked up and thrown down the ramp. I have a sciatica issue," said Amore.

Enzo says that the match was supposed to have a big payoff—one that could have enhanced both of their budding careers. But by Cass limping off, Enzo felt he sent the wrong message to WWE decision makers.

"Then we get backstage and you know people talk. If I'm Vince McMahon, am I going to invest? You have a WrestleMania main event. We expect you to go out there and have a half hour to forty-five-minute match and you tear your ACL in the first five minutes. They have to know you're going to stick it out."

A lot has transpired since Big Cass' injury. Despite having nearly a year ot think about it, Enzo hold and identically rigid stance as h did the night of the injury.

I looked down at my leg in the ring @wwenxt & saw my Jordan backwards: #FACT.. I got 9 screws a plate & rod in my leg: DIDN'T QUIT


You are never defeated when you lose yo.... you are defeated when you quit! & BIH-Cass... you've been defeated! #SAWFt as - #NoBalls

It is impossible to gauge the amount of pain Cass was in that night, but a high threshold for discomfort may not have been the issue. A torn ACL makes it difficult to walk, regardless of how tough a person may be. While Enzo can point to episodes of Superstars gritting through injuries, criticizing Cass isn't the best of looks.