Enzo Amore Confirms Banishment from WWE Dressing Room

Despite an exceptional 2017, Enzo Amore made a slew of negative headlines. A barrage of stories painted Amore as an outcast within WWE, going as far as claiming Enzo was banned from dressing rooms. And it turns out they were true.

The Cruiserweight Champion joined Corey Graves on the latter's Straight to the Source and the subject of Enzo's dubious backstage reputation became a topic of discussion. Graves asked Amore if he indeed was exiled from WWE's locker room. Despite Amore's defensive tones, he confirmed that he does indeed dress alone.

"Allowed? Who's making rules around here, bro?" Amore added, "I work for a Fortune 500 company, that provides accommodations for me to get changed, dress, and showered, healthy, so I don't carry it on to the next town with MRSA or other skin disease from all these dirtbags that are wrestling in the ring before me and after me. So the locker room thing? I dress by myself. I don't talk to nobody. If you ain't talking about money, you ain't talking about nothing."

To Enzo's credit, he makes his special locker room sounds like it was his choice, but the story goes that he was booted out of the talent dressing room by his peers. Enzo allegedly was bringing acquaintances into the intimate space and the breach of privacy spurred locker room leaders to ban Amore for the offense. This comes on top of stories that Amore was kicked off the WWE tour bus but those were claims that Enzo himself refuted.

While it may appear that Enzo has to walk on eggshells backstage, all of this negative press is arguably helping his career. Even if he's antagonized all of his peers, opportunities keep coming Amore's way as he now all but owns his own section of WWE in 205 Live.

Enzo's personality flamboyant and to some abrasive, but his character is one remnant of one of the best all of time Ric Flair.

"Ric Flair walked out to the ring in $10,000 robes, women, telling you all about it. I come out here Guccied down, gang gang, Versace, Supreme, Hypebeast. I'm a walking, talking hypebeast, okay? Fresh Js on my feet every single week. I've never worn the same pair of shoes twice ever. That's a fact. So I'm the modern day 2017 social media marketing guru of what it is that we do, okay? And when I walk out there, I'm what you aspire to be, a champion, said Amore.


While Enzo won't be winning 16 World championships, adding elements of Ric Flair is never a bad idea for any wrestler. In the meantime, look for Enzo to continue to anchor the Cruiserweight division.

[H/T Wrestling Inc.]