Watch: Elias Sings U2 at Dublin WWE House Show

Which each passing week, WWE's Elias continues to be more entertaining and expand his musical act.

During WrestleMania week in New Orleans, the star randomly showed up at some clubs on Bourbon Street and played some impromptu sets unannounced, shocking the thousands of fans in attendance for the big weekend.

This past week at Backlash in New Jersey, he sent a special shout-out to New Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen before being interrupted by a plethora of WWE superstars. Now this week while in tour in Europe, he sent another shout-out to some legends of classic rock, though this time he actually got to play his set.

During a WWE show in Ireland on Friday, Elias took to the microphone to pay homage to one of Dublin's most notorious hometown acts: U2. And the fans absolutely loved it. See the video below for yourself.

Elias is always well prepared for these routines, prepping ahead of time and tying in local subjects with his songs. It's far from the first time he has mentioned a local band or singer during his segments; there was the aforementioned Springsteen segment in New Jersey last weekend, as well as some references to Elvis Presley during a recent WWE show in Memphis.


One thing for sure is that through his own natural musical talents and charisma, Elias has risen up the ranks in WWE faster than most had anticipated. While he did the guitar playing gimmick as part of NXT, it never got over with the fans in the way that is has since Elias made his way to the main roster. It's not hard to imagine him getting a run with some gold in the near future.