Watch: Impact's Eddie Edwards Gets Face Smashed by Baseball Bat in Horrific Accident

People that love to hate professional wrestling always return to the same principle: it's fake. However, when wrestling gets real, things can get terrifying — like when a baseball bat crashes down on a human skull.

On Wednesday night, Impact aired a show previously taped in January. In what will now be considered an infamous segment, the rotten Sami Callahan jumped good guy Eddie Edwards. After rendering Edwards helpless, Callihan decided to take things up a notch.

Callahan positioned a steel chair on Edwards' chest, then grabbed a baseball bat. We're not sure what Callahan was thinking, but he may have imagined driving the chair into Edwards sternum like it was a railroad spike. When it came time for the fatal blow, Callihan's strike skipped off of the metal chair and onto Edwards' forehead.

Edwards suffered a few broken bones in his face as well as a few cuts. However, he's healed up since the January accident but just saw the footage for the first time.

Here are some of Edwards tweets in the moments following the gruesome incident.


We're glad to know that Edwards is doing well and that the human skull is thick enough to handled baseball bats.