WWE Confirms Dean Ambrose Needs Surgery

The 2017 Shield reunion is officially cursed.

Tuesday morning, news broke that Dean Ambrose was ailing from an undiagnosed elbow injury. WWE sent him to Birmingham, AL to visit their official orthopedic team, and upon closer examination, Dean Ambrose got some bad news.

Ambrose will need surgery to repair a torn triceps tendon. While WWE has yet to confirm timelines, that procedure usually takes 4-6 months to heal, placing Ambrose's WrestleMania aspirations in jeopardy.

Here's the official statement from WWE.

"An MRI has shown suspicion for a high-grade triceps tendon injury, possibly a tear, so he is undergoing surgical exploration and most likely surgical repair of the torn triceps tendon," WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Chris Amann told WWE.com. "That surgery will be happening later this evening, and we should have some further updates either later tonight or tomorrow morning as to what the findings were, what the structures that were damaged were, and also a timeline for recovery," he said.

This comes as gut-wrenching news for Ambrose, The Shield, and WWE as a whole. Having already endured the casualties of a viral outbreak, the highly coveted Shield homecoming can officially be labeled as a failure. While the unification of the Hounds of Justice did provide some fun moments, outside of their victory against the New day at Survivor Series, they haven't accomplished much.

With WrestleMania less than 4 months away, Ambrose's participation at the New Orleans mega show is questionable at best. Rumors had him pegged for a high profile match against Seth Rollins after one of them (likely Ambrose) turned on the group. However, it looks like WWE will have to find new plans.


We'll keep our fingers crossed Ambrose can make a miraculous recovery, but the first priority is s successful surgery and return to normal health. Hang in there, Ambrose!