WWE Reportedly Planning Another Huge Shield Heel Turn

One of the most sobering facts about the Shield reunion is that it will eventually end. Many fans have yet to shake off the traumatic after-effects of Seth Rollins' infamous betrayal from 2014, however, it looks like WWE will be employing another heel turn to shatter the Shield.

According to 411 Mania and PW Mania WWE is currently discussing a Dean Ambrose heel turn. The turncoat Ambrose would then enter a WrestleMania feud with Seth Rollins while Roman Reigns would be free to begin his program with Brock Lesnar.

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An Ambrose turn is the only option WWE has to blow up the Shield's newly formed bond. While Rollins has certainly proven capable of such an action, doubling down would be a display of shallow creativity. For Reigns, WWE has been all too consistent in re-iterating that Roman is neither good nor bad. While that may be a cop out don't expect WWE to pull such a dramatic switch for Reigns.

A backstabbing by Ambrose not only will create headlines but it will positively affect WWE's roster. Rollins, who will undoubtedly be the sacrificial lamb to Dean's darker character, will have more momentum as a babyface than ever before. The same goes for Reigns as this Shield reunion was arguably crafted just to get him more cheers. Even further, WWE will instantly have a main event heel, which is a highly profitable commodity.

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However, it's Ambrose whose career would see the biggest impact. Watching The Lunatic Fringe operate under WWE's PG Era is like watching a toothless hyena in captivity. The fact that he's been a babyface only makes this worse. So here we have this guy that's supposed to be legitimately crazy, but he needs to keep it PG and make sure he appeals the children? That's just poor chemistry.


As a bad guy, Dean really gets to be crazy. This is great! Right now the most unhinged Ambrose can get is to do something spontaneous. Not to mention, heel Ambrose will get rid of the much-maligned rebound clothesline. When Dean switches to the Dark Side, he can do horribly violent things. Imagine trying to bottle Cactus Jack in the PG Era, that's been the internal struggle of Dean Ambrose in WWE.

We all forget that Ambrose is a former WWE Champion. If he can go to the top of the company in an unnatural character, how far can he go playing himself?