Dean Ambrose Reportedly Spotted in Saudi Arabia Ahead of Greatest Royal Rumble

Despite reportedly being months away from an in-ring return, Dean Ambrose is in Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble.

While his participation should still be considered unlikely, his mere presence will spawn a few questions. Could he be a surprise entrant in the 50-man Royal Rumble? Or is he just there to be a spectator?

We'll have to wait and see, but if Ambrose were to return, it would be quite the shock.

Ambrose underwent surgery to fix a busted triceps muscle in December. Early guesses had him returning in time for WrestleMania, but WWE announced he be out until deep into the summer of 2018.

However, Seth Rollins is telling a much different story.

The Intercontinental Champion sat down with Cape Town, South Africa's 94.5 and the topic of his injured Shield comrade came up. And according to Rollins, Ambrose will be back well before WWE's September target date.

"He had some pretty extensive triceps surgery earlier this year so he's definitely still on the mend and rehabbing. But he'll be back and better than ever, you wait. Summertime, maybe late Spring. Somewhere in there, I think, whenever that while guy gets back to normal," he said.

According to Google, Summer officially begins on June 21st, making next month construe as late spring. If Rollins' words hold true, Ambrose could be back by Mother's day.

Upon learning of Ambrose's injury this was the original timeline we all expected. However, when WWE slapped the September prognosis on his return, we were left to scratch our heads. However, for the sake of a dramatic return, WWE typically overestimates recovery time for its Superstars. That way when they come back three months early WWE can tout their return as "miraculous."

Dean's return promises a few untapped juicy scenarios. Before his untimely injury, it was rumored that he was set to become a villain. this likely would have hinged on him betraying Rollins and Roman Reigns which would have lead to a WrestleMania match between Seth and Dean. Obviously, that didn't happen but that doesn't mean the notion of Ambrose's heel turn is dead.


If he is indeed present for the GRR, even if not fully healthy, he could arrive to ruin Seth Rollins attempt to retain his Intercontinental Championship. At this point, details are so limited there may not be a wrong guesss—we'll just have to see what happens!