Daniel Bryan Issues Challenge to Cody Rhodes

If Daniel Bryan is teasing us, it's not subtle. All week we've been hearing that he's "working on" a return to the ring. Then, details of his current WWE contract emerged, stating that Bryan will be free to leave in one year.

And now this.

When long-time peer Cody Rhodes won his first ever World Championship at last night's ROH Best in the World, Bryan sent over his congratulations.

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Then Bryan issued the most passive aggressive challenge of all time:

And made a cheeky attempt to back pedal.

Bryan's tweet was very specific, down the day of a potential match. He may be having some fun, but with all of the reports coming out this week its pretty obvious he wants to wrestle again.

Allegedly Bryan has been cleared by doctors to return to ring action. However, WWE will not give him the medical green light. No one knows the extent of Bryan's injuries so it's a little hard to fully understand the situation. What we do know is that Bryan's career ending injury was concussion related, which has become a taboo subject in WWE. The wrestling conglomerate is facing a 51 plaintiff lawsuit based on neurological injuries.

WWE would likely love to have Daniel Bryan back as a wrestler, but to them, it just may not be worth it. This Bryan carrot has been dangling in front of fan's faces ever since he got in repeated verbal skirmishes with the Miz. The birth of he and his wife, Brie Bella's, first child muffled those rumors, but now Bryan finds himself at the forefront of wrestling speculation.

At this moment it looks like we will see him wrestle again, but not for WWE. Stay tuned, folks.


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