Final Money In The Bank Competitor Determined on SmackDown

The final men's WWE Money in the Bank ladder match spot has been determined, and it happened in a [...]

The final men's WWE Money in the Bank ladder match spot has been determined, and it happened in a way that most didn't see coming on Tuesday evening.

Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan opened the show trading verbal jabs in the ring when they were interrupted by Big Cass, who called the pair the "shrimp and the blimp." He said he had just about had enough of this second chance business and noted he spoke to Paige, who made Joe vs. Cass (when he is cleared) for the final spot. He then proclaimed that he's cleared now and attacked both men.

After attempting to gain the upper hand with a crutch, Cass was the victim of some offense by Daniel Bryan until Cass was able to toss him into a ladder and lay out Joe with a briefcase shot.

It was later revealed the the main event Tuesday night would be a triple threat match between all of the men for that final Money in the Bank spot.

As the main event started, Joe and Bryan were on the same page due to the attack they each suffered from Cass earlier in the broadcast. That team work didn't last long, though, as Joe eventually turned on Bryan and worked him over following the pair taking out Cass. A cool series of moves then happened with Joe took out Cass on the outside with a big dive from the ring. That was followed by Bryan coming off the top rope to the outside, taking out both opponents.

All of that happened prior to the first commercial break. Following the break, Cass finally got some offense in on both guys. The highlight was probably Cass tossing Bryan into the announce table, though his offense was stunted moments later in the ring by Joe. Soon after that, Bryan hit a hurricanrana on Joe from the top rope.

Just as it looked Bryan had the match won with a series of knees on Joe, Cass came out of nowhere to clothesline and take out Bryan. However, Bryan would eventually fight back through a burst of adrenaline and take on both men simultaneously, getting close to victories with both.

In the end, Bryan looked to have the match won as he worked over Cass with a big knee, but just as Bryan looked to gain the pinfall, he was interrupted by Samoa Joe. Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch on Bryan, who never submitted but lost consciousness, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Samoa Joe is the final male entrant for next month's Money In The Bank match, joining The Miz, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman, Rusev, Bobby Roode, Kevin Owens, and a member of The New Day.