Daniel Bryan is Furious About the Women's MITB Match

Money in the Bank left us with plenty to talk about. If we didn't have enough, Daniel Bryan has officially stoked the fire.

For those that don't know, Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match had a touch of controversy. Seeing that it was the first of its kind, we were supposed to get a historical moment. We all thought a woman would climb the ladder, snatch the briefcase and hit a crystallizing pose.

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Instead, it was James Ellsworth.

Carmella's troll scurried up the ladder, stealing the briefcase and the moment. If heat is what WWE was going for, well, they got it.

Both fans and wrestlers alike were outwardly upset with the outcome. Perhaps none of the courage was more significant than Daniel Bryan's

Bryan is set to make his return SmackDown this Tuesday. The show's General Manager has been absent for about 2 months. His hiatus is well justified as he and his wife, Brie Bella, gave birth to their first child.

But now, Bryan is ready to make a seemingly fiery return. Clearly using Ellsworth like this is a WWE tactic, but it feels incongruent. For a match that was hinging upon "making history" it only inspired controversy. Maybe we were a little idealistic to assume that this crowning image in women's wrestling would go smoothly. Since everyone is talking about it, this makes this a win for WWE, albeit a questionable one.


Bryan has put this at the top of his docket. Chances are, SmackDown leads with his return and his handling of Carmella and James Ellsworth.

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